Brasada Estates

Passing through the stately entry gates of Brasada Estates, an intimate private community unfolds before you. Majestic homes have been set amongst the scenic hillsides, peeking through the beautiful landscaping lush with greenery and delightful bursts of color. Timeless architecture reflects a mosaic of styles, each in a myriad of colors and textures reminiscent of an Old World European village. 

As you venture to a hilltop and turn around to gaze toward the magnificent views, your face lit by the setting sun, it is easy to imagine yourself in a land faraway. And yet, you are in the heart of Southern California, just a short distance away from the urban spread of Los Angeles, whose lights begin to sparkle like stars as evening settles around you. 

Here at Brasada Estates, you have found that rare opportunity in life where dreams can become reality.



The landscape of Brasada Estates is remarkably similar to that of northern Italy, bordered by national forests and wide open spaces revered in Southern California. The built landscape is designed to preserve and highlight the native Southern California flora while meeting the challenges presented by the hillside setting. It showcases the natural chaparral vegetation by incorporating large riparian open spaces, walnut woodlands, stands of sycamore trees and of course, majestic California Oak woodlands.

The open spaces are interwoven throughout the built landscape and often extend into individual parcels.  These open spaces are a vital feature of Brasada Estates.  Protecting them is critical to the quality of life for residents and the health of the environment so that both will flourish for many years to come.


The Residences at Brasada Estates will be crafted in elegantly re-envisioned European and early American architecture that blends Italianate, French Country, Spanish, Tuscan and Andalusian styles together with early California Craftsman. All finely adapted to the unique requirements of hillside architecture.

Stone, stucco, masonry, roof tiles, wood, metals…the possibilities are endless! This amazing blend of design styles, building materials and earth-tone color palettes will enhance the natural setting and rare ambience of this exceptional community. 

In creating these residential masterpieces, quality architectural and design guidelines have been established to ensure the development of a distinctive “Old World European” influenced community and to aid you and your professional designer.  Only modern materials of the highest quality will be allowed in order to protect the integrity of this remarkable neighborhood.